Ten Best productive things you can do in this lockdown.

When lockdown came for the first time, everyone was scared because of the hazardous virus but at the same time was excited because the lockdown came like a surprise holiday for everyone. As the lockdown continued, everyone was bored, and now another lockdown means no enjoyment, no social gatherings, and many more crucial things.

Instead of getting bored with this lockdown, try to do some productive work through which you can utilize your free time. Here are some productive ideas you can amalgamate into your routine.

  • Take up an online internship: Due to lockdown, you can’t step out of home, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take up an internship to upskill. Due to the pandemic, now everything is possible with a click. An online internship is a great option to utilize your free time by which you can apply for skills in any workplace and can connect with teammates and receive mentorship for your projects.
  • Declutter your room: Decluttering is like mental therapy. You may feel lazy before starting the cleaning work but once you start it you will go on with it and the result will make you happy and satisfied. You don’t need to do all things in a day, divide the portion of your room/house and clean one portion every day.

  • Explore your creative side: Most people are stressed as they don’t know what they are best at. So, with lots of free time, you can explore different skills and find out the work that interests you the most.


  • Master new language: Remember those days, when you wanted to learn a different language but you couldn’t due to office work or school assignments. Now is the time to fulfill your wish, with so many virtual platforms like youtube, online courses you can learn it at the comfort of your home.


  • Write your daily tasks: Writing your daily tasks will help to align all your work and make your day more productive than usual.


  • Learn to cook: Pandemic has shown the importance of home-cooked food. You can utilize this time to learn cooking skills and to be creative with different cuisines.

  • Update your CV and professional account: You can utilize your time in updating your CV and professional account on LinkedIn, it will help you grab new opportunities.

  • Gardening: Gardening is also one of the most effective mental therapies and among the best productive activity that calms and refreshes your mind. You can utilize your time in planting vegetables, herbs and enjoys your meals. Plucking the herbs and veggies from the garden and preparing your dishes will give you immense pleasure and happiness for sure.

  • Exercise: It’s well known that doing exercise every day is super crucial for the body to keep it fit, healthy and active. Being home all day can make you lazy and inactive, so it’s better to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and stay healthy.

  • Buy gifts for your loved ones: Connecting to your loved ones is very crucial for your social well-being. You can buy gifts online and deliver them to your friends/relative places to stay connected.


Here are some amazing and productive ideas, you can choose according to your choice and try to combine them with your routine to avoid boredom and make your days productive.

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