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Seven beautiful things to keep in your home as per Vaastu for good luck and prosperity

Vastu Shastra is a magnificent combination of science, astronomy, astrology, and art. It is also known as the mystic science and philosophy of the ancient period used to design buildings to live a happy life. To be exact, Vastu means house or can say a dwelling place of either god or human being. Shastra is a science of arranging the five elements (Panchabhutas) Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Sky in perfect harmony.

If you are planning to design and decorate your home, then why not decorate it with beautiful Vastu things that will make your home attractive and at the same time, will add good luck and prosperity to your life. Below you will find some amazing items that you must use for decoration.

  • Crystal Tortoise: Keeping a crystal tortoise brings career, health, wealth, family, and education luck. The tortoise should be placed on the north side of your living room, dining room, or office area to gain a successful career.


  • Wind Chimes: It adds great beauty to your home and at the same time it brings positivity, calm, peace, and happiness. Metal wind chimes show their best result when put in the north, west, or northwest direction whereas wooden wind chimes must be placed in the south, east or southeast directions.


  • Laughing Buddha: Buddha is a symbol of prosperity. It also keeps away negativity from your home. Buddha should be placed in front of the main door in the east direction.


  • Fish Aquarium: It is a wonderful decorative piece for your home. As per Vastu experts, an aquarium helps to improve and rectify all doshas(faults). It also helps to reduce stress, tension, and high blood pressure.



  • Gomati Chakra tree: It is considered one of the crucial items of Vastu shastra as it is believed to be the seat of Goddess Lakshmi. It also looks like Sudarshan Chakra, so it is also connected with Lord Vishnu. The best direction to place the tree is the southeast. It brings good luck and prosperity.


  • Flowing water fountain: Another spectacular decorative piece with lots of benefits. Flowing fountains should be placed in the north, northeast, or east direction of your home.


  • Elephant with wealth Frog: Elephants are a symbol of strength and a frog brings wealth luck to your home. The combination of this two will bring steadiness and wins to your life.

Conclusion: These are some wonderful Vastu shastra items incorporated in this article that will add beauty and luck to your home and life.

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