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People assembling in weddings and gatherings need to follow these guidelines in all the cities


As the cases of coronavirus spiked up again and a new variant was identified named omicron, the Government has come up with updated guidelines to minimize the impact of coronavirus. As per the report, on Thursday 2,47,417, new cases were reported, the highest in 236 days, and omicron cases reported in India reached 5,488.

Here is an up to date guidelines released by the Government you should be aware of before organizing any fathering or visiting a public place.


  • Delhi: In Delhi, marriage and funeral activities are allowed with the attendance of 20 persons. Apart from this all social, cultural, religious affairs are strictly banned. Night curfew is also imposed from 10 pm – 5 am. All the schools, colleges, gyms, parks are shut in Delhi, and workplaces are allowed to function with 50% occupancy.


  • Maharashtra: In Maharashtra, only 50 people are allowed to assemble in marriages in both open and enclosed areas and 20 people are allowed in performing the last rites. Apart from this all schools, colleges are shut down till 15th February. All the public places like parks, beaches, gardens, etc. are closed in the city.


  • Tamil Nadu: In Tamil Nadu, all the malls, gyms, salons, and metro rails are allowed to run with 50% capacity. Marriages can be organized with 100 attendees and for last rites, 50 persons are allowed.


  • Uttar Pradesh: In the U.P. schools are shut till Makar Sankranti and other public places are gyms, parks theatres, etc. all allowed to function with 50% capacity. In the case of marriages, it’s restricted to 100 persons in the enclosed area and open space is restricted to 50% capacity of the space. For the upcoming Magh Mela, devotees require a negative covid test report, done within 48 hours.

  • Karnataka: In Karnataka, gyms and swimming pools are allowed to run with 50% occupancy, and only fully vaccinated persons will be allowed. In the case of marriage, people strictly need to follow all the guidelines, and the number of people is restricted to 200 in an open space and 100 in a closed area.


  • Kerala: In any function like marriages, funerals, political or cultural events, the number of people is restricted to 75.


  • Himachal Pradesh: A night curfew is imposed between 10 pm – 5 am in Himachal Pradesh. All public places including gyms, cinema halls will be shut. Regarding marriages, You can organize them with 50% capacity of the area.


These are the up-to-date guidelines of some states which are applied by seeing a rise in coronavirus cases again. You should follow these guidelines and help the country to minimize the impact of coronavirus.

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