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Make exercise part of your daily routine

It really doesn’t take much to inculcate some forms of exercise in your daily routine specially when you don’t get the time to workout,people doesn’t have time today for their health as they became so engrossed in their health,which is a base of doing anything in life as without proper diet and any kind of physical activity it goes vain,because you wont be able to perform you can with better health and that comes with active mind and strong body so that you will be able to concentrate better in your work.

I will tell you about few exercises that you can do with the comfort of your home that will help you shedding those extra pounds and will make you feel happy about yourself and thats the key to a great healthy life.You could do these exercises anywhere or atleast start with these exercises to form a base for stamina and increase your level with time and all you need is a few minutes each day to make it happier.

You should love yourself enough to take some time out for yourself to keeping on,pushing yourself,your limit.Do something that makes you sweat.Its been said “if you always put limits on what you can do,physical or anything else.It will spend over into the rest of your life,it been spread into your work,your morality,into your entire being.There are no limits but you must not stay there,you most go beyond them.I completely believe strength doesn’t come from what you can do,it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t take and trust me if you are persistent you will get it and if you are consistent you will keep it.

At first you may feel like dying when you push your limit but then you feel reborn,you always need to remember that,Today is your tomorrow,its up to you to shape it,to take control and seize every opportunity.The power is in the choices you make each day,you eat well,you live well you shape yourself.
Try to add these in your daily routine and you will be surprised by the result-
1. Less sugar-more fruit
2. less meat-more veggies
3. Less soda-more water
4. Less driving-more walking
5. Less worry-more sleep
6. Less words-more action
To be really healthy,you need discipline and it is something what you needs to be done even though you dont want to.Its upto you-you can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face and start living the life you can always imagined.And most importantly,PATIENCE is something you need to hold on,be realistic,you wont drop two jean sizes in one day, you wont lose fifty pounds in one month you are going to binge every now and then you will go a day or two without working out,your weight is going to fluctuate here and there.You are going to try new techniques and they are not going to work ,you are a human being you are going to fail but nothing is ever accomplished without a few obstacles.JUST KEEP ON GOING.

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