Eating all the seasonal food is super nutritious for you, know why

India is a country which is also known for its variety of fruits and vegetables. Changing seasons means you have the opportunity to combine numerous seasonally grown fruits and vegetables in your diet. The flavor that you will get in the seasonal food is incomparable with the flavors you will get when the season ends.

For instance, If you are a mango lover, and the season of mango in India is between May to August, at that time, you will get the best flavor of mango at a cheaper rate, and you will enjoy the taste at its peak. After the season ends, you will still get mangoes, thanks to cold storage, but you will not find the same flavor, price, and level of enjoyment. Eating seasonal foods makes the body healthy and nourished throughout the year.

You can grab some spectacular benefits of seasonal foods below:


  • High nutritional value: Seasonal fruits and vegetables have high nutritional values as they are fresh, naturally ripen, flavor full, and contains an excessive quantity of nutrition, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. It’s highly nutritious to eat foods close to their harvesting time as it loses their nutritional value when stored for a long time.


  • Cheaper: Apart from nutritional benefits, seasonal foods are combined with various other merits, one of which is that their price is reasonable. In the region, where the food is grown, no extra cost is spent on transportation and storage which automatically reduces the price.


  • Environment friendly: Eating seasonal food means less demand for out-of-season food which means less transportation, less refrigeration, and less illumination of produce. These all advantages make seasonal food super environment friendly.


  • Fulfills all-natural nutritional needs of the body: Seasonal fruits and vegetables are sufficient to fulfill all required nutrition of the body. Like in winters, various types of citrus fruits are available, which help to build immunity and fight against seasonal flu. Apart from fruits, you get a variety of vegetables that is sufficient to make soups, stews, etc to keep your body warm in winters. In summers, the body requires a lot of fluids, and it’s all available in fruits and vegetables of that season.


Conclusion: Now you know that eating seasonal foods is super nutritious for your body. Other than nutritional benefits, it also provides support to the local vendors, farmers and most importantly it protects the environment. So, what are you thinking now, go and grab all the seasonal foods and incorporate them into your diet?

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Eating all the seasonal food is super nutritious for you, know why

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