Best Gelato option in Delhi & NCR – MINUS 30.

Okay, what would be your first reaction when we tell you that you can have ice-CREAMs which are dairy-free, sugar-free, and heavenly delicious. Yes, you heard that right. Minus 30 has come up with the most scrumptious and the healthiest gelatos with the best options available in different flavors with the finest ingredients in the market.

At Minus 30, gelatos are prepared by taking care of all the precautions and all the safety measures. The staff, the chef, and the packaging team all of them sanitizing everything before preparing the gelatos and making it sure that it’s packed safely for the customers.

We are in conversation with Shivanie Mirchandani, Chief Operating Officer who’s giving us all the insight-Introduction & background, specializes & forte of the brand.

Deets about the brands:

The idea behind starting Minus 30, starting with a home kitchen, then moving to different outlets. How many years of a journey it’s been since the brand started.

Minus 30 is a home-grown gelato brand – LITERALLY! My sister and I started the brand in 2016. We wanted to recreate what we grew up enjoying.  Memories of fun-filled decadence of our mothers’ home-made chocolate ice cream—fresh, free of preservatives, healthy, and full of love—inspired us to do the same.
We make irresistible gelato with the finest ingredients. For those that prefer it, we have sugar-free and vegan options that are as good if not better than their counterparts— you have to TASTE IT TO LOVE IT!

2. The specialty & forte of the brand.

At Minus 30 we use everything natural, mostly organic and all our flavors use 25% less sugar than what is available in the market – and you really can’t tell – you need to taste it to love it.

We do delicious dairy-free/sugar-free gelato for all our vegan and healthy friends out there too!

3. Meet the Founder’s sister squad.

Shivanie and Gayatri ( two sisters) started this brand together. Gayatri is the chef and Shivanie handles the business side of it.

Shivanie is a graduate from Nottingham University in Psychology and Neuroscience Shivanie looks into operations, business, and marketing of Minus 30. With a focus on growing the brand and bringing it onto a national platform.

Gayatri graduated from LSE in Strategic Management & Economics and went on to work in marketing & branding for 6 years with L’Oreal, Brahma, and The Umeed Foundation. She then went on training in the art of gelato making at the Carpigiani University in Bologna and working in their Gelato Shop, with a special focus on flavor development, she has the skill & knowledge of creating exciting flavors. She brings with her a deep understanding of the retail market and building a brand from start to finish. She creates all the flavors for Minus 30.

4.  Q&A session with founders.

1. How you have started Minus 30? Was it your passion?

We are homegrown in every sense – we actually started from our kitchen, focused only on taste and quality – we got a fantastic response, walked before we could run, and voila – a year later we had our own commercial kitchen, a strong customer base and 9 outlets in Delhi.

2. Which is the best advice or suggestion you received when you started your brand? –

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple ( we read this !)

3. The best ingredient that you think should be added to ice creams, which most people miss these days?

LOVE. <3

4. Your future plans with Minus 30 and how does it differ from other gelatos?  –

We are looking to expand pan India. We are currently in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai – grow our presence, become the go-to brand for gelato + healthy gelato.

5. Any suggestion for the fellow aspiring entrepreneur who’s looking forward to work in a similar business?

“Believe in what you do, everything else will follow.”

Minus 30 endeavor to becomes India’s best gelato brand. We see a huge opportunity in providing our customers with healthy/vegan/sugar-free gelatos – not just as an alternative to dessert but as it! We are present in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai and will expand to the rest of India in the next 3 years. Our gelato is made with the best quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives and emulsifiers. You have to #tasteittoloveit.

You can place your orders online on their official site and you can find them on the below location as well:

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