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After, how long a person should meet a loved one after contradicting COVID-19.

If you have been infected by the hazardous coronavirus, and you are in isolation, the urge of meeting your friends and family can be super strong. But, you have to control your emotions as you know recovery takes time, and your loved ones can also get infected. The virus spread faster by coming in close contact with an infected person. So, it’s crucial to know the right duration before you resume living a normal life.


The infection of coronavirus is spreading too fast, and the numbers are increasing with great speed. After the new variant of covid 19 was identified the cases which were getting lower have been rising again. The report dated 24th January shows 2,55,874 active cases, total cases till date is 39.8 Million, and total deaths are 490K in India. Below you will find the recommended isolation period as per the severity level of coronavirus. So, that you can keep your loved ones safe and meet them after your recovery.


As per the latest published report by a USA-based health organization Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Children and the person with mild symptoms must complete isolation for five days, after the day symptoms tend to disappear, and your body temperature remains normal for 24 hours without medication. However, the person in their five days isolation period should continue wearing a mask, when they are close to their family members and others.


Persons with moderate symptoms of covid 19 are recommended to isolate for ten days.


Persons who are tested covid 19 positive, but have no symptoms (asymptomatic) must isolate for five days (starting from the day they tested covid 19 positive). They should wear a good quality, well-fitted mask for five days and continue wearing it for more than five days after they complete their isolation period, when in close contact with other persons.


The person with severe symptoms of covid 19 (who are hospitalized or needs ventilation support) should isolate for ten days and can continue to twenty days. After symptoms reduce and body temperature reduces without medication.


Persons with moderate to severe levels of symptoms must isolate for twenty or more days. They can also consult an infectious disease specialist to know the exact isolation days.

Conclusion: The information mentioned in the article is for general information. If you are infected by a coronavirus, make sure to consult the doctor for proper medication, and to know what exact steps to follow till your recover from coronavirus.

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