About Us

In the quest to hunt for an all-new definition of fashion, lifestyle & fitness we bumped into women and men who actually stand by their own opinion. What we found common in them was the style with the utmost comfort.
Fashion, unlike contrary beliefs, is more about being comfortable in own skin and the kind of ensemble that allows freedom of movement, how one would like to style his/herself with confidence, grace, and enough sex appeal when actually desired. Of course, we swear by these people and hence strive to shout out about them and create content which is relatable, fun and inspiring for our readers.
DSD Life Style is a “Lifestyle Digital Magazine” that embraces everything from fashion to wellness, entertainment, travel, mental & physical health. We are always going to stay here for you providing everything that you need to draw out most from these categories. We don’t want to trick you but be your BFF providing you with the kind of content that will keep you motivated to stay healthy & fit and fashionable through written and visuals.
All we want to say is that don’t stop being loud and clear about your beautiful self, be headstrong and a fierce version of yourself. Our undeniably creative bunch of people will help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle, providing you with the best tricks and tips from all the categories and off-course help you plan your next escape.
Stay Stylish, Adopt Fitness and Be Kick-ass!