10 best home skin care remedies for all skin types in winter that people should definitely follow.

Winter is the time when the temperature falls. Skin becomes dry and unmanageable as people love sitting in sunlight for long hours, and the usage of room heaters and geyser increase like anything. But, these all things can damage your skin. Below are the 10 best home skincare tips to follow in winters for healthy and glowing skin.

  • Less use Lukewarm Water: In winters as the temperature falls, it’s super captivating to take a hot shower. But, do you know that a hot shower makes your skin dry, so instead of shower use lukewarm water only for face and hands. Whenever taking a hot shower, don’t forget to use a moisturizer.

  • Keep Hydrated: Body Hydration is the most crucial thing in both summers and winter. In winter the air is dry both inside and outside your house. This is the reason that water from your body evaporates at a faster speed. Therefore water is essential for your skin to keep it healthy.

  • Use the right skin products: In winter using moisturizer is a must but it’s also crucial to pick the right moisturizer. While choosing your skincare products, choose products that contain jojoba oil and other natural oil to retain moisture in your skin.


  • Be consistent with skin routine: In winters for good skin, consistency is the key. Don’t forget to clean, tone, and moisturize your skin. Using serum and sunscreen is also beneficial.

  • Avoid Exfoliating Very Regularly: Exfoliating the skin helps in the removal of dead skin but in winters you must be super careful, exfoliating once a week is enough in the winter season. Before exfoliating, you must consider checking your skin type.


  • Moisturize Often, Especially Your hands: In winter you should pay special attention to your hands as your hand has fewer oil glands compared to other parts.


  • Take Care of Your Feet: In winters, apply petroleum jelly or moisturizer containing glycerin in your feet after cleaning your feet thoroughly, so that your feet can absorb the moisture.


  • Wear Sunscreen Even in the Winter season: You may feel lazy in applying sunscreen in winters but this process is crucial same as in summers. UV rays can harm your skin even in winters. so, don’t forget to wear moisturizer in winter.

  • Apply Balm for Pink Lips: In winters, avoid using lip colors, instead of that use eco-friendly balm on your lips.


  • Replenish Your Skin At Night: Night skincare can change the game of your skin. You can apply heavy moisturizer so that it can rest in your skin overnight.


Conclusion: Healthy and glowing skin is the dream for most females. It takes a lot of care and dedication to achieve your dreams. Follow the above-mentioned simple home tips to retain the natural beauty of your skin in winters.


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